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Cowboy Action Shooting Bullets, Cast Lead Bullets
At Bootheel Bullets, LLC

Cowboy Action Shooting Bullets,Cowboy Action Shooting Bullets, Cast Lead Bullets at Bootheel Bullets. Cowboy Action Shooting is one of the fastest growing segments of Shooting Sports, Boothill Bullets not only supports Cowboy Acton Shooting, we make the Cast Lead Bullets that are used in Cowboy Action Shooting Bullets.

While Cowboy Action Shooting is not a new shooting sport, it has been around for over thirty (30) years, it continues to attract new converts every year. The SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) has over 50,000 members.

Cowboy Action Shooting firearms are firearms or replicas that are limited to firearms produced before 1899, handguns are limited to single action revolvers. Ammunition for both handguns and rifles are limited to lead bullets at moderate velocities.

At Boothill Bullets we manufacture Cast Lead Bullets for Cowboy Action Shooting Bullets. From Hard Cast Lead Handgun Bullets, to Hard Cast Lead Rifle Bullets, at Bootheel Bullets we are committed to cast the highest quality bullet for your money, and we guarantee that quality in writing.

Should you have questions concerning any of our products you may contact us via our Contact Page online, by phone, fax, or mail using the following information:

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The president of Bootheel Bullets, LLC, has been involved in shooting sports at the National, State, and Local levels for over 25 years and is on the Barnes Bullets national advisory staff.

As a competitive shooter ourselves, we know and understand the importance of consistency and quality in the product we sell. As competitive shooters we will be glad to assist in any way with all of your shooting questions or any loading problems or questions you may have about Cast Lead Bullets for Cowboy Action Shooting Bullets.